Brian Tan

Brian is a Filipino-American artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. He creates illustrations on canvas using marker and primarily work in black and white. His work is influenced by the cartoons and comic books he looked at as a kid, and the ability to recognize characters in all things, real or imagined.

Brian Tan's art was born from New York City street art. On first look, there's a striking resemblance to Keith Haring and his work. Haring, too, found inspiration in NYC street culture. Through simple, repeatable forms, Brian Tan's art speaks a familiar language. His characters often share with each other striking resemblances, but distinct, emotive features. He can navigate across styles too. While primarily creating street art ink drawings in a black and white, Tan also incorporates color, allusion, and realism. Watching him draw is like seeing a familiar stranger come to life.

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